Sunday, 4 October 2009

Flying visit!

Hi everyone!
Apologies for not updating my blog in a while, things have been pretty hectic round here - in a good way!

The last few weeks of September were spent decorating the bathroom (a much more mammoth job than originally anticipated due to it needing a few coats. And a few arguments, but that's another story) and going on holiday for a week to Majorca. This was the first holiday abroad together that Paul and I had taken and it was lovely. We managed to get a good last minute deal and when we arrived we were amazed. The hotel was gorgeous, real luxury and it gave us chance to finally chill out and relax together. Despite there being a few storms at night, the days tended to be dry and sunny so we were quite lucky. Here are just a few photos (dont worry, I know how boring it can be looking at other peoples' holiday snaps!)
This was our gorgeous hotel:

Paul, relaxing by the pool..

The local puss we saw every day on our way to the beach (he was one of 10!)

That's it - I promised I'd keep them short! While I was away, I read a book about NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) which makes you look at how your thoughts affect your life. Without wanting to sound cheesy, it really helped me take a fresh look at my life and what I want from it and so I hope to give Glamourpuss Jewellery a real good push in a few weeks, with new stock, website, promotions and so on. Why wait a few weeks? Well, this week I'm going on holiday again! (I know, it's a hard life ;) ) Mum, Dad and I are going to New York for a long weekend. I'm so excited! I've never been and so have spent the last week unpacking, repacking and working out an itinerary of where we'll go, what we'll do and see while we're out there. If anyone has any recommendations of what we should do (or equally important what we should skip) I'd love to hear them! I'm hoping to visit a few bead shops while Im out there too.

Thanks for stopping by - sorry this has been a flying visit! I'll let you know how our trip went when I come back - then it's the big push for Christmas! Catch you all soon

Kate x


  1. So jealous of NY! However I will be going in April :D If you want to be able to see loads, do a bus tour - that's what I did when I went, and it included a water taxi to the statue of liberty! It's about $50 each I think. x

  2. Thanks for the tip! Will definitely look into that x

  3. lovely holiday snaps :) have a great time in New York ~ I am very jealous! xxxx


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