Saturday, 29 August 2009

Fab Friday

Yesterday was quite a fab friday! I heard back from a wedding dress shop where I'd enquired about a job as a sales assistant and they invited me for an interview. Then, half an hour later I got an email saying I'd sold one of my bracelets on Folksy!

I've listed a few more items in my Folsky shop and would love you to go check them out:

First of all is this Kyanite and Freshwater Pearl bracelet. Kyanite is a beautiful gemstone which is thought to help with calming the mind and so helping meditation. I love the depth of colour of these stones and think they are set off nicely by the pearls.

This set is great for a couple! One can wear the heart necklace, the other can have the keyring with the matching key.

Lastly is this cute pair! I think these are my favourite :) Like the last set, one can wear the girl necklace and the other partner can have the keyring. Once the boy and girl are brought together, they magnetically lock into a kiss!

I'm hoping to spend the rest of the afternoon (after I've put the washing on!) making more pieces and listing them, so please keep stopping by! Hope you all have a great weekend

Kate x

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Blog Probs

I have to be honest and say that Im finding having a blog a lot harder than I thought. I read a lot of other blogs that exist out there on the interwebs and I worry that whatever I write is not as interesting, funny or well written. So, it therefore ends up that I dont write anything at all. I do have a twitter account and send a few updates every day, from new things listed in the shop, to what I'm up to, to what's happening around me. So, why am I finding writing a blog so hard? Surely it's just like twitter, but without being constricted to 140 characters?

In other news, I'm really pleased with the two latest necklaces I've made and listed in my folksy shop (just click on the folksy link on the right to take a look!). They are in two parts, for sharing between a couple. One can wear the necklace, the other has the keyring. When the necklace and keyring are brought together they make the piece whole, similar to the 'Best Friends' necklace I'm sure most of you had when you were little and shared with a friend.

Still struggling with the caffeine restrictions. I've cut it down to a can every other day which is better, but still need to cut it out altogether. Why is it, that when I'm busy and out and about I'm usually OK without the caffeine, but when I have a day in the house I'm craving it as soon as I get up?! It's like when you have a lie in, you feel more tired - why is that??? Oh well, we soldier on - and today is my caffeine allowed day, so off now to indulge! Thanks for stopping by x

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Last week the doc suggested I cut out all caffeine in my diet completely. Well I tried really, really hard (honest gov!) and lasted about 2 and a half days. That's terrible isnt it?! I went back to drinking diet coke and red bull just to get me through the day. Without caffeine I felt like my legs were made of lead and my eyelids just refused to stay open.

So, I saw the doc again yesterday who wasn't impressed I'd given up so easily. I felt like I was back at school getting told off by the headmaster. So, I've resolved to try again, but this time maybe take things a bit slower and not go gold turkey straight away.

I'm not holding out much hope :(

Anyone else out there got a caffeine addiction they'd care to share? Dont worry, I wont suggest you cut it out! Maybe just hearing about other people's coffee and cola intake will be enough to keep me going.....

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

First Sale!

Hi everyone,

Just had to stop by and let you all know I got my first online sale of my jewellery today! It feels amazing and Im really looking forward to sending my first customer her necklace. Here's to many more hopefully!


Monday, 10 August 2009

I finally have a blog!

Well, here it is at last, the blog of Kate Fife of Glamourpuss Jewellery!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure myself yet as to what will be written here - so watch this space!