Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Last week the doc suggested I cut out all caffeine in my diet completely. Well I tried really, really hard (honest gov!) and lasted about 2 and a half days. That's terrible isnt it?! I went back to drinking diet coke and red bull just to get me through the day. Without caffeine I felt like my legs were made of lead and my eyelids just refused to stay open.

So, I saw the doc again yesterday who wasn't impressed I'd given up so easily. I felt like I was back at school getting told off by the headmaster. So, I've resolved to try again, but this time maybe take things a bit slower and not go gold turkey straight away.

I'm not holding out much hope :(

Anyone else out there got a caffeine addiction they'd care to share? Dont worry, I wont suggest you cut it out! Maybe just hearing about other people's coffee and cola intake will be enough to keep me going.....


  1. I have given up coffee a couple of times, the first time it was quite easy ... I don't think I was much of an addict. The second time I gave up I had migraines for a week and swore I would never touch the stuff again .... but that only lasted about 3 years and I am now running on coffee as much as I ever did! Both times I gave up in one gave up, I just decided to stop and did ... I think that if I was to give it up again, I would have to cut down first ... it would be too much of a shock to my poor body! I think I probably should give up ... or at least cut down ...

    Anyway, good luck with it ... I think going slow is the way to go :)

  2. I get through about a dozen cups of coffee a day:) You're not alone.


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