Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday? Already?!

Hi all,

How does Friday always come round so fast?! I start the week with a long to do list, the next five days stretching ahead of me ready to be filled with jobs and jewellery and then all of a sudden it's Friday again and rather than getting shorter, my to-do list gets longer!

This week has mostly been spent getting ready for Sunday's craft fair. There is so much to do in preparation, I had no idea. I've been making little signs to go on the table to explain the stones used in some items, writing and tying on price tags, organising insurance and yesterday there was a last minute panic to find carrier bags. I am having some last minute nerves too - what if no one comes? What if hundreds of people come but no one buys anything from me? What if people look at my things and think of them as home-made rather than hand-made and aren't willing to part with their cash? What if people laugh at my jewellery (and not in a good way)? Luckily, my lovely mum is coming with me for support and in return I promised her coffee and a bun. It's all paid for now and the jewellery is made, so I guess I've got nothing to lose by going, I'm just a stresshead I think.

If anyone is in the Leeds area on Sunday, the fair is a Christmas Fair at Bruntcliffe High School in Morley and it's running 1-4pm and there are going to be lots of lovely craft stalls there, mince pies and other such christmassy goodies!

Hope you all have a great weekend, hopefully I'll remember to take my camera and will update you all next week to let you know how I get on!

Thanks for reading,

Kate x

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  1. Have fun, I will be thinking of you ... I think everyone gets nervous before their first few fairs ... it is hard when you are showing something that you have made ... you are putting yourself out there and it is scary ... You will be fine & once you have done it once it will be so much easier the next time xxxx


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