Monday, 14 December 2009

York's Festival of Angels and Ice Sculptures

Hello again!

I had so much I needed to do today, and then I banged my head on a door frame when going into a room so I havent felt able to do much after that! Head is still a bit tender and I've got a nice red mark in the middle of my parting for all to see, but I thought I'd use the time productively and tell you all about the lovely few hours Paul and I had out at the Festival of Angels in York's city centre yesterday.

There was a parade of angels through the streets, led by the Golden Angel, which unfortunately we missed, but along three of the streets were lots of amazing and beautiful ice sculptures. Here is how it is described by "A true Christmas festival, transforming York's most unique streets into a winter wonderland of ice-sculptures, stalls, al fresco dining, street entertainment and guaranteed 'snow' showers" - and they were right! There was christmas music playing, all of the restaurants had stalls selling mulled wine, Baileys, Sake, hog roast sandwiches - I had my lunch at the La Tasca stall where I had some delicious chicken and sea food paella and HOT sangria! We were even treated to 'snow' outside a few shops and everywhere felt very festive. Here are the photos I took of the different ice sculptures - they were so skillfully crafted and you could even touch them...

There was a star:

A penguin:

A Puma...

A peacock..

A chinese dragon:
A laughing buddha (He was also a drinks luge - see the hand at the top? That was someone pouring Baileys. It ran through the statue and you caught it, ice cold, out the bottom, in a chocolate cup!)
And a snowflake:
There was also a skier, Spiderman, a christmas tree, a temple and a snowman! We walked around the corner to go down another street and look who was there...

Peter Rabbit!

It was a really lovely afternoon with everyone getting into the festive spirit. On the way home we stopped off and got our christmas tree which we decorated last night, circled everything I want to watch in the bumper Radio Times and so now I'm all set for the big day!

There's still lots more going on in York in the run up to Christmas, you can find out what's planned by going to Visit York.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Kate x


  1. Wow what a lovely day out, I'd love to see something like that but I don't think theres anything around here. Great that you could touch them too!

    Charlotte x

    PS. you must be tall do bang your head on a door frame!!

  2. Thanks Charlotte, it was pretty special. Should clarify with the banging of my head - had washing hanging up in the door so ducked to go underneath and misjudged it so banged into the side of the frame. Im not 7 foot tall!

    Thanks for your comment,

    Kate x

  3. All the ice sculptures are amazing. Sculptures curving art is too good. I had never seen that kind of festival.
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