Saturday, 19 December 2009

Snow and Ice and all things nice!

Hi everyone,

I know most of the blogs in your readers are probably discussing the white stuff that has blanketed the country over the past few days - and here's another one! I managed to resist blogging about it yesterday, but when I went out today I saw some beautiful things that I'd really love to share with you all.

First up are these beautiful ice patterns on our shed windows. The ice is actually on the inside of the window. They look like beautiful frosted patterned windows that would cost a fortune to have installed! Isnt nature fantastic?

Then I noticed a gorgeous icicle hanging from the corner of the shed. I love icicles, I rarely see them - they remind me of unicorn horns ;) Below is a picture I took at 12 o'clock and then another at 4pm - it had grown nearly three inches in just four hours!

There were icicles all along Barney's shed too, which looked so pretty. Barney wasn't too sure what to make of the snow - look how it has all frozen into a canopy ontop of his run:

For anyone concerned about Barney being out in the snow - he has a cat flap going into the shed where his food, bed, litter tray and a little oil-filled radiator are, so whenever he gets cold paws from looking at the snow he can go inside and be nice and snug in his shed :)

Just a quick note to let you all know that Glamourpuss Jewellery is staying open right through the holidays, with items being posted as long as the Post Office is open, so take a look for last minute gifts or treat yourself to some accessories to help welcome in the new year.

Keep warm and take care out in the snow!

Kate x


  1. wow! the ice on the windows is amazing! so beautiful :)

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