Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Slap on the Wrist

Whilst I didn't make an firm New Year's resolutions, I made a few promises to myself. One of which was to blog regularly. Sigh. Dear readers, I have failed, and for that I give myself a slap on the wrist and apologise. My first blog post of the year I had planned to be about some lovely Christmas presents I received from fellow Folksy Folk, so bear with me as we step back in time a few months and get festive again!

First of all I received a lovely magnet from Maria at The Scarlet Butterfly Company....

Isn't it cute?!!! See the tiara she has added, so that it looks like my Glamourpuss logo? I love it! It has pride of place on the radiator in my office.

Secondly, I received a parcel from Sarah at Noahs Ark. You may remember she sent me these decorations as a thank you for commenting on her blog. Look what was inside her parcel this time!

Isn't it beautiful? I was so touched when I opened it all out, I even shed a little tear :) It is actually a decorative sort of banner, for decorating the fireplace really, but is so long I couldnt fit it into one picture when it was out straight! I used it to decorate the puddings and chocolate table on Christmas Day. It is so well made and everybody who visited the house over Christmas commented on it. This is definitely one of those pieces that will be displayed year after year and will remind me of the lovely people on Folksy and Sarah's kindness. Do make sure you check out her shop and her blog and she's on Twitter too. She is a really lovely, kind and talented lady.

Third of all was a present to myself! I had been looking at some earrings in Silver Moss' jewellery shop for a while and had managed to convince Paul into getting them for me for Christmas. However, with one thing and another they didn't get bought in the end (not Paul's fault, I have to say!). Imagine my suprise when I went onto Folksy in the new year and saw not only were the earrings still available (phew!) but they were in the sale (hurrah!), so I snapped them up straight away. I dont have my camera to hand, so hope Mossy doesn't mind me borrowing her photo of them!

I know people say it about a lot of things and I know it seems impossible, but these earrings are even better in real life! I havent been out anywhere nice enough to deserve wearing them, so think I will keep them for Valentine's Day now.
Hope you didn't mind me mentioning the 'C' word so soon into 2010!
Kate x


  1. What lovely things, Kate! And I love Silver Moss's work too - I treated myself to one of her leaf pendants a few months ago, and it's just exquisite!

    Kirsten x

  2. Me again, Kate - just to thank you again for the Sunshine Award, which I've written about today.

    Kirsten x

  3. ooh, just seen I'm on your blog! hehe ... glad you liked it ;)

    Maria xxx


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